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Giving life through the word and songs. Colossians 3:16



  1. Troy

    Well look at you Miss song bird. Congrats on your website being launched. Much success!

  2. Xavier

    Ms Taylor,

    Thank you for sharing all of your many gifts with the world. Your talk show, “I Know Whose I am,” is very informative and relatable. Thank you for creating a platform for so many people. Keep going strong!!

    • Betty Zane
      Betty Zane03-22-2016

      Thank you Xavier. We need to talk soon Please give me a call.

      Betty Zane

  3. Demetris Westerfield
    Demetris Westerfield03-29-2016

    Ms. Taylor,
    May God continue to bless you and your ministry! Please continue to do Kingdom work and thank you for allowing me the opportunity work along with you! Demetris Westerfield, Peoria, IL

    • Betty Zane
      Betty Zane04-17-2016

      Demetrius, Continue to be encouraged and sounding the alarm for Jesus!
      Give me a call sometimes so we can chat.

      In Christ,

      Min. Betty Zane

  4. Jan

    Have been so blessed & inspired by the broadcasts and the encouraging words the Lord has spoken through you and your guests. May God continue to Use & Bless you, and your wonderful guests as well, for His Glory! Amen!

    • Betty Zane
      Betty Zane05-11-2016

      Jan, Thank you for your encouraging comments. It means a great deal with listeners
      that are focused on being in the will of the Lord! Praise God & have a wonderful day!
      Joel 2:28

      Betty Zane

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